Art has been a huge part of my life ever since I learned how to talk. It's one of those things that you just know you were born to do. More specifically, I haven't been able to put down the camera since I was 6 years old. Starting from taking amateur photos of the plants in my childhood backyard, to now being a freelance professional photographer based in Chicago is a pretty rewarding feeling! My passion is rooted in turning anything into something pretty - whether that means getting creative in a studio or just heading out with my camera and seeing what the world brings me. Most of all, I love providing people with memories that they can cherish forever. Want me to capture your life? Let's chat!
Headshots  //  $220, 1 hr
Individual  //  $260 - 70 photos
Small Family (5 or less) & Couples  //  $290 - 80 photos
Large Family (6+) // $300 - 90 photos
Small Events (showers, small parties, etc)  //  $95/hour
Large Events (conventions, trade shows, etc)  //  $120/hour
Weddings // $150/hour
Unit Stills Photography  //  $275/day

- I do not offer any video services at this time -

Travel / Lodging 
I am located in the north side of Chicago, but I'll go anywhere! I primarily use public transit to get around and sometimes drive when traveling farther outside the city. Depending on the location of our session, there may be possible train, rideshare, gas, airfare, or lodging reimbursement fees.​​​​​​​
Permits / Rentals / Admission
Sometimes, photo sessions can take place in locations that require a photo permit, entry admission, or location rental fees. We will always discuss our chosen location together first, but if such fees are required for it, those will be added to the cost of our session.

- Rates limited to a photo amount generally all take around the same amount of time (1-1.5 hours), so there is no strict time limit.  
- I will deliver your photos to you via download link when they are done being edited.
- Photo editing does not cost extra. I will always send you edited photos unless requested otherwise.
- At the moment, I do not have my own photography studio. When we schedule a session, we will agree on a location that best fits your photos. If a studio is needed, we can look into renting one for our session.
- Types of photoshoots are not limited to what is listed above. I'll take pictures of just about anything you need! If it is not listed, then we will discuss pricing that best suits your request.
- I do not offer photo printing services. You are always welcome to print any photos you'd like!

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